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As a freshman or sophomore – you have a lot on your plate!

The college process doesn’t begin during senior year; our philosophy is that it is during the formative years of high school that students need guidance and coaching from parents, teachers, and counselors to help them explore their academic and personal interests and enable them to develop their authentic selves. At SRC, we partner with students and understand their individual needs to help them develop into mature young adults and guide them to success in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. We are not interested insimply adding activities to check boxes on the Common App, but instead, we help students seek out experiences that will help them grow and help them pursue their passions. 

We take great pride in building sincere and deep relationships so that our team at SRC can effectively guide you through your unique high school journey. We begin through (fun!) assessments and conversations, and take a deep dive into academic pursuits including course selection and internships, and help you cultivate your unique interests by providing input and when possible, help you secure unique opportunities. While the high school years can often feel overwhelming, our team is here to support and inspire you to work hard and aim high throughout your educational and professional journey.

We take great pride in empowering you with the tools to be successful — whether it’s teaching you how to write English papers or solve complex math problems, or develop a better understanding of your interests and preferences to define your high school journey. Our students feel a deep connection to their advisors, and frequently reach out to ask for advice and share updates — even once they are in college! As we recognize that every student is different and has unique interests and aspirations, we  build personalized plans to take you throughout high school. Here’s a framework for many of our partnerships:

How We Can Help

SRC is here to provide you with the knowledge and skills to take some of the stress away so that you can focus on what’s important.

Hourly services begin at $275, and freshman and sophomore comprehensive packages start at $2,950 annually. Please contact us to learn more about how SRC can help you.

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